I am here to shift how we show up to work.


Every company is run by humans. Yet, us humans tend to get lost in the shuffle of maintaining some perfect, corporate image. Or we allow the rote mechanics of day-to-day operations to strip us of our luster.

Too often we communicate using externally motivated frameworks (i.e. we imagine what others want to hear, or what we think we “should” do). There are better options.

I facilitate creative integrity checks for my clients. By changing the impetus of your team’s communications away from meeting preconceived standards and toward communicating authentically, you will resonate more clearly with those you hope to reach.

I care about this work because I care about what your soul came here to do. I also care about poetry, the ocean, spontaneous dance parties, and aligning with my soul purpose, too.


“Rachel took great care to gather my voice and the message I want to share with my clients and subscribers and helped me craft my writing to be accessible to them all, both those technically-oriented and non-scientific as well.”

—Ghadi Tayeh, CEO of Topo-Terra Regenerative Design, LLC