New Year, Now You

In reality, the only true difference between December 31 and January 1 is one calendar day. So why are we so obsessed with the potential difference that this specific day makes? Why do we designate this tomorrow as the perfect time to change, to be different than who we are today?

Announcing my Retirement

I wish I could tell you I quit because of a personal maturation that rose clear and steady into frame, like the moon at night. Nah. I had more of a crash and burn. The price tag on almost every lesson I've learned has been years and tears. Today, happily retired from that onerous role, I am playing catch-up. 

Gun Regulation Now

So many are hurting, and I am interested in healing the roots of the wounds that cause people to commit violence... I am interested in engendering a deep shift in our culture's emotional and mental wellbeing. On a more immediate and actionable scale, I am interested in more gun control now.