Content Creation.

There is a waterfall of content out there. No matter how much advertising money or how many SEO techniques you employ, what matters most is the quality of what you are sharing. Favorite projects include producing and directing company videos, organizing editorial calendars, and guest blogging on topics that fire me up.

Creative Consulting.png

Brand Development.

Are you struggling to create your tagline, mission statement, or the company name itself? Reach out for help articulating the authentic voice of your brand. It’s time to get clear on how to accurately share the incredible work you are executing. Let’s do it justice.


Corporate Movement.

It’s only “corporate” because it happens in your office. I teach workplace movement sessions at businesses interested in prioritizing employee connectivity and wellness. It’s amazing what a little movement and breath work can do.


Private Coaching.

I provide personalized support and creative counsel for clients who, for a myriad of diverse (and to me, exciting!) reasons, feel hesitant to “take the leap,” who aren’t quite showing up to do the work they are here to do.