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Content Creation.

There is a waterfall of content out there. No matter how much advertising money or how many SEO techniques you employ, what matters most is the quality of what you are sharing. Are your words communicating real value to the reader? Are they inspiring a relationship? Hire me as a guest contributor or to work with you on your content. I am happy to pitch in with product descriptions, email marketing campaigns, landing page copy, social media concepts, and more.

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Brand Revamp.

Are you struggling to create the perfect tagline, mission statement, or company biography? Reach out for help articulating the authentic voice of your brand. It may be that your voice isn’t quite resonating with your readers. Adjustments can be made to tone, style, and cadence to achieve real resonance with those you are trying to reach. My expertise lie in the wellness and nonprofit fields, though I work with any brand whose purpose I adore.


Corporate Yoga.

It’s only “corporate” because it happens in your office. I teach workplace yoga classes at businesses interested in prioritizing employee wellness. Whether it’s before or after work, or during your lunch break, reach out to see if I am available to stop by your office and help your team get out of their heads and into their bodies. It’s amazing what a little movement and breath work will do to the energy of your environment. I am currently based in and teaching in Seattle, WA, but have limited availability to teach in other major cities. Reach out to inquire about having me come to you.